Discover Tallahassee

You don’t like the condo towers and crowded beaches of Southeast Florida?

On the contrary you prefer the charm of the Old South with its historic buildings, its hills and its green forests? Do you love the outdoors, gastronomy and culture? So why not take a trip to northwest Florida, specifically Tallahassee?

A vibrant, trendy university town that is also the capital of the state of Florida. Many people use Westgate’s Florida staycations to enjoy the serenity of Tallahassee. below read about some good reasons to visit this city of the Panhandle too often overlooked by the tourists!

Why Visit Tallahassee

Tallahassee is a real paradise for cyclists and motorcyclists who will take great pleasure in driving under the plant tunnels formed by the treetops on each side, meeting at the center of the path. While driving, contemplate these immense oaks with long streaks of Spanish moss that add to the beauty!

Centerville Road, which you take from the center of the city of Tallahassee, where Magnolia Drive ends, is not to be missed! On the way, stop for lunch at the famous Bradley’s Country Store, founded in 1927. This family business is well-known for its famous smoked sausages! Besides, their sausage dog is simply remarkable!

For a dreamlike landscape reminiscent of Tarzan’s films, head to Wakulla Springs State Park. It is in emerald and crystal clear water that you can dive in search of turtles, fish and, hopefully, manatees! A platform has even been set up for diving! Children will love it! The more curious can opt for a 50-minute pontoon-style boat excursion to better explore the places and learn more about this jewel of Florida.

Also on site is the Wakulla Springs Lodge, dating from 1937, which offers rather charming rooms. You can even have a bite to eat there.

There are many rivers in the vicinity of Tallahassee, all to appeal to outdoor enthusiasts. Close to the airport in the southwest part of the city is the Lake Bradford Chain O’Lakes. Do not hesitate to go on an excursion with renowned guide Harry Smith, who will make you discover by kayak or canoe real enchanted forests, furnished with cypresses, in addition to making you know the surrounding fauna.

For a breathtaking view of Tallahassee, climb up to the 22nd floor of the State Capitol, a great way to get to know the surroundings. This building impresses visitors, but the dolphin sculpture right in front of you will no doubt make you smile! After all, you are in Florida, the land of dolphins! Not far away is the Florida Historic Capitol Museum. You can visit the centenary Capitol for its architecture and its historical aspect, but also to admire its glass dome, its ballroom of the governor and its hall of representatives dating from the Belle Époque.

Tallahassee, a university city, enjoys an enviable reputation also thanks to its gastronomy and its many quality restaurants. For a sweet lunch, try the donuts from SoDough Baking Co. Its sweet creations will make you salivate! For a good microbrewery beer, Proof Brewing Co is popular with amateurs, the place is cool, trendy, and we even serve poutine!

For more refined cuisine, the Mimi’s Table is the restaurant everyone is talking about in Tallahassee. Located in the old quarter of the city, it is a French-inspired bistro with Italian and South American accents. But for a meal made up of local products, based on the famous farm-to-table concept, you have to go to Backwoods Crossing. It is even possible to visit the facilities.

Always interesting, sometimes surprising and… all the time free. Florida is 500 years old, but it has a rich history of adventures, conquests and notable personalities. The Museum of its history, located in its administrative capital, faithfully and precisely traces its past. Return to Florida’s ancient times at the Museum of Florida History.

The Museum of Florida History and its collections

The collections of the museum are very diverse and retrace with fidelity and precision, the different historical periods of the discovery of Florida, several thousands of years ago and its conquest in the 19th century.

The Florida in the civil war collection bears witness to the various wars and battles of the populations conquering this still virgin territory. It is very complete, an interesting flashback in the days of old Florida.

The Seminole People of Florida collection traces the history of this people with great detail, objects, portraits of key leaders and educational programs.

Boat lovers can go and admire the Florida on the High Seas collection, in which 10 beautiful models of ships bearing the name of Florida are on display.

Other collections to see also include the Florida Photos Archives (hundreds of photos of great moments in Florida history and personalities), the Florida Furniture collection on furniture and the evolution of traditional decoration in Florida since the 1900s, and First Ladies and Families in Florida with in particular the impressive collection of dresses and evening dresses of the wives of governors.